Case Study - Capricious Bunnies

Custom NFT design experience for holders
Capricious Bunnies
March, 2021

Capricious Bunnies was conceived as an innovative project focused on creating a sanctuary within the mental-health centric NFT community.


It aimed at offering a space for sharing mental health tips, establishing closer connections within the community, and designing unique custom merchandise. The project was rooted in the communal and connective ethos of Discord, providing a platform for holders to share significant moments of their lives and earn rewards.


To construct an inclusive community for mental health discourse and to facilitate stronger bonds within the NFT community, while also delivering aesthetically pleasing and customized merchandise. The project sought to leverage Discord as a hub for community interaction and connection, intending to create a rewarding and inclusive space.


The project offered an exclusive ‘memories chat’ for holders, allowing them to share snippets of their lives, with moderators rewarding active and impactful contributors with Discord currency. This currency could be exchanged for various physical and digital rewards. NFTs acted as keys, granting access to private Discord areas to share and connect. The process was streamlined through NFT-Inator, ensuring a smooth launch.


The project experienced an initial wave of success, maintaining momentum for several months post-launch. However, due to a lack of innovation and sustained marketing efforts from the founders, the project couldn’t sustain its initial traction. Despite the seamless launch and handover, the project eventually was abandoned, underscoring the importance of a clear, forward-thinking vision and consistent effort in the competitive NFT space.

Learning & Reflection

Capricious Bunnies serves as a reminder of the potential within community-centric projects and the significant impact of a well-structured reward and sharing system. However, it also exemplifies the necessity of sustained innovation, marketing, and a clear, enduring vision to maintain relevance and engagement in the evolving NFT landscape.

The journey of Capricious Bunnies provides valuable insights for future projects, emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation, effective marketing strategies, and the sustaining of a compelling vision to foster long-term success in the rapidly advancing and competitive domain of NFTs.

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