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April, 2024



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Forgeproof is a KYC management platform that offers a complete solution for efficient data management and KYC processes.

Forgeproof's innovative KYC management platform, developed by ProcessLabs leverages blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Lit Protocol to streamline client onboarding for financial institutions. Our team set out to create a modern brand and website that accentuates the game-changing platform.


Forgeproof is a cutting-edge KYC management platform designed to address the complex challenges faced by financial institutions (FIs) in client onboarding and data management. By providing a comprehensive solution that sits above identity verification (ID+V) platforms, Forgeproof enables businesses to efficiently manage, screen, and control data throughout the KYC process.

Financial institutions face significant challenges in client onboarding, fraud prevention, and data management, including:

  • Complexities in screening identities and increased regulatory pressure
  • Operational inefficiencies from using multiple disconnected platforms
  • Data management inefficiencies from manual, paper-based processes and traditionally stored documents and data
  • Need for secure and efficient collaboration with external partners, regulators, and other stakeholders

Forgeproof's Innovative Solution

Forgeproof's platform features a highly modular and customizable token delegation system, allowing for granular control over data sharing and access rights. This enables financial institutions to securely collaborate with external partners, regulators, and other stakeholders while maintaining full control over their clients' data.

To avoid vendor lock-in, Forgeproof creates a marketplace for verification providers to offer an array of screening services, giving customers the ability to choose how their data is verified and by whom. Coupled with the unique ability to share the results from various AML screening processes, forgeproof intends to massively reduce the onboarding time for new clients.

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Smart Contract
Smart Contract
Smart Contract
Smart Contract
Smart Contract
Smart Contract

Services Delivered by ProcessLabs


Brand Identity Development

Our collaboration with Forgeproof began with a deep dive into the KYC compliance industry to understand their unique positioning and develop a brand identity that would resonate with their target audience. Through extensive research and ideation, we created a visual language that combines solid, rock-like elements representing security and resilience with transparent, glass-like features symbolizing the clarity and transparency Forgeproof brings to the KYC process.

Visual Elements and Guidelines

To ensure a cohesive and impactful brand experience, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, including a detailed branding book, a distinctive logo, a range of visual motifs, color schemes, and typography. These elements work together seamlessly to create a memorable and consistent brand identity across all touchpoints. A standout example of our branding work is the displaced orange blob, which signifies Forgeproof's ability to securely transfer information. This visual element, along with others, effectively communicates Forgeproof's core values and mission.

Website Development

Custom Design and Development

To showcase Forgeproof's cutting-edge technology and deliver a seamless user experience, we built a fully custom, bespoke website using modern web technologies like Remix.Run and React. Our team focused on creating a clean, minimalist design that highlights the key features and benefits of Forgeproof's KYC compliance solution while providing smooth, intuitive navigation.

3D Animations and Interactivity

Leveraging the power of Spline.js and Three.js, we incorporated stunning 3D animations and interactive elements throughout the website. These engaging visuals bring Forgeproof's innovative approach to life and create a memorable user experience that sets them apart from competitors.

Performance Optimization

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and performance, our team optimized the website for fast loading times, cross-browser compatibility, and responsiveness across various devices. This ensures that users can access and enjoy the site's content and functionality no matter how they choose to view it.

Platform Development

Secure Architecture

At the core of Forgeproof's KYC compliance platform is a secure, efficient, and flexible architecture designed to set a new standard in the industry. We implemented end-to-end encryption and decentralized data storage using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to ensure the highest levels of security and privacy for sensitive customer data. By distributing data across a network of nodes, we made the platform resistant to unauthorized access and single points of failure.

Smart Contracts and Access Control

To empower Forgeproof's clients with complete control over their customers' information while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, we utilized smart contracts for granular access control and auditable data sharing trails. This approach ensures that data is shared securely and only with authorized parties.

Integrated AML Screening & Sharing

One of the standout features of the platform is the ability to create and share tokens, delegate access to other users, and perform essential compliance checks such as PEPs/Sanctions screening. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Lit protocol, we're building a platform that is on the forefront of technology and looks to streamline the entire KYC process.

At ProcessLabs, our commitment to delivering a platform that exceeds Forgeproof's expectations in terms of security, efficiency, and flexibility drives every aspect of our development process. We are proud to be part of Forgeproof's journey to revolutionize the KYC compliance industry.

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