Case Study - StockTrades

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June, 2021
dApp Development

StockTrades Project: A Paradigm Shift in Stock Trading Platform


In an industry rife with information, StockTrades aimed to build a distinct platform that enabled users to find pertinent trading information like blog posts, trading tips, and stock breakdowns. The goal was to offer users access to a token-gated site via an NFT, allowing exclusive content access and fostering a community of like-minded stock traders. The community could discuss stocks and explore various trading strategies collaboratively.


Developing a seamless and user-friendly platform, incorporating a 3-tier card system, and creating flawless, looping, animated textures for the artwork were substantial challenges. The latter proved particularly demanding, requiring extensive collaboration with the artist and multiple iterations to rectify a small artifacting glitch during rendering with a specific engine.


  • Developed Backend Subscription Management System: A system was implemented that added a subscription date to the metadata, maintaining the count of days left in the subscription. The system would alert users as the subscription approached its end and only allowed NFTs through the token-gating system that had active subscriptions.
  • Created Animated 3D Access Cards: These cards, designed with a modern and sleek look, represented the three subscription tiers and were essential for accessing exclusive content.
  • Implemented NFT Token-Gating System: This was crucial for enabling users to enter private areas of the website to access exclusive tips and content.

Future Developments

Currently, there are no plans for future developments or expansions. However, if the project were to expand, considerations might be made to create the following.

  • Token-Based Reward System: A possible extension could involve rewarding users with tokens for reading blog posts.
  • User-Generated Content: Enabling users to post and earn from their own content could add another layer of community engagement and value creation.
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