Offer Discounts on Physical Products with NFTs

E-Commerce & Retail

Validate NFT ownership to reveal exclusive discount codes, enhancing customer loyalty and brand interaction.

  • Embed exclusive discount codes within NFTs, unlocking unique offers and elevating brand loyalty.
  • Reward NFT holders with special discounts on new launches, both in-store and online.
  • Utilize token-gated NFTs to offer exclusive incentives and rewards, encouraging interaction with your brand

Experiences & Benefits for Products

Offer additional rewards, experiences, or content tied to physical products

Increase Attendance & Engagement

Require an NFT as a password for your site or platform, opening additional revenue streams and monetization options

Modern & Dynamic Digital Marketing

Create unique promotional offers leveraging NFTs to provide dynamic rewards to customer groups, like discounts for products

Case Study

NFT Driven Gamification for Music Producers

A-Reality, recognized for its virtual reality education platform catering to upcoming music producers, envisioned a new approach to the learning experience. They sought to harness the distinctive benefits of NFTs in gamification – independent verification, permanence, and the capacity to unveil novel experiences in a secure, decentralized framework.

Discover more NFT blueprints

Inspire and evolve your offerings with some of our most popular solutions. We combine blueprints and custom functionality to deliver fully-integrated solutions that engage your customers.

    Secure NFT-Powered Savings

    Allow holders to reveal a discount code to use on your online store

    Dynamic NFT Loyalty Schemes

    Create interactive NFTs that adapt and evolve as your customers engage

    Affiliate Minting with NFTs

    Create interactive NFTs that adapt and evolve as your customers engage

    Exclusive NFT Gift Cards

    Convert your NFTs into redeemable gift cards for exclusive products or services.

    Physical Product Discounts

    Verify NFT ownership for in-store and online physical product discounts

    Authenticate Digital Products

    Utilize NFTs to provide verifiable access to software and digital goods.

    Register a Physical Product

    Register a physical product on-chain to verify ownership and authenticity

    Unlock Exclusive Products

    Use NFTs as keys to unlock exclusive products available for the holder