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Starting a cult isn't illegal*

*We checked. Twice.

Why settle for a boring old business when you can join a cult? We offer a unique blend of brainwashing and capitalism, all wrapped up in a nice little package.

Join the cult to get exclusive access to our products, bespoke development options to make your project a reality, and a team of identical-minded individuals that can help launch your dream collection. All you have to do to unlock these perks is trust the process.

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Cult Tools

NFT Generator

30+ Million NFTs generated

Who needs education and experience when you've got a no-code launchpad that’s already assisted thousands of successful collections? Generate and deploy with zero hard work or expensive "developers".

Recommended by Web3 experts


One of the slickest no-code NFT tools currently available. Really straightforward and mildly addictive.

Sam Dickie
// The Creator Club


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Own your contract and stay independant of NFT marketplaces. Deploy for under $10 with our gas optimised ERC-721A smart contracts.

Our secure, proven technology powers thousands of collections, with over $8.1M earned by creators using our smart contract technology.

Gas Efficient

Deploy for under $10


Pre-sales and allowlisting

Mint button

No-code mint embed


Invite your team

Card Payments

Mint with credit & debit cards

Lowest fees

2% of primary sales

// Powered by NFT-Inator

No-CodeIsn't AlwaysEnough

We help founders push the boundaries of what’s possible with bespoke design, development and consulting.

The Problem

Getting noticed is hard

Your project is competing for attention alongside thousands of other collections.

The Dream

Create something unique

Stand out from the crowd without exceeding your budget or draining your resources.

The Reality

Utility is essential

The most successful collections offer something that sets them apart. We help founders achieve this.

The Promise

We will help you deliver

Get results with bespoke design, development and marketing from NFT professionals.

Cogni Pasport

Decentralized identity verification with soulbound NFTs

Technology prototype for NFT.NYC 23


International Web3 service provider and launch consultant

Web design and development


Gameifying e-learning experiences with NFTs and unlockable content

Feasibilty study, whitepaper and prototype design


Build-A-Celestial platform for holders, powered by NFT-Inator

dApp development

Capricious Bunnies

No-code mint page for smart contracts deployed with NFT-Inator

Mint Page & Web3 Integration

They trusted the process. Will you?

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