Case Study - 3Two Group

International Web3 service provider and launch consultant
December, 2022

3Two, a preeminent Web3 consultancy emphasizing project incubation, acceleration, and development, sought to bolster their brand identity and digital presence to better attract and serve prospective clients.


Based in Hong Kong, 3two emerged from a successful stint in traditional Web2 areas including E-commerce and custom physical collectibles, however they were lacking prior branding and a website. The agency specialized in selling out premier NFT projects like Godjira and Katabolicz, and now they wanted to establish a potent online presence, exhibit their diverse projects, and simplify client outreach.


Our team developed a brand new website and some modern and unique branding that gives a clean, modern feel:

  • Interactive Animations: Enhanced user engagement and an enriched visual experience.
  • Custom Design: A unique and engaging aesthetic that resonates with the Web3 ethos.
  • Call-To-Action Integration: Seamless navigation towards service inquiries, coupled with a form and email system, optimizing client management and project tracking through a CRM.

the accomplished branding and website marked a pivotal step for the client, granting them a structured brand identity and online platform to exhibit their innovative projects and reach prospective clients effectively.

Future Developments

Building on this successful collaboration, further partnerships are underway, focusing on developing mint pages and informational websites for an array of projects. Discussions are also in progress regarding the creation of a token-gated marketplace specialized in collectible figurines.

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