Case Study - Astrox

Prospective NFT design experience for users
March, 2021
Web Development

Astrox embarked on a transformative journey to disrupt the IPFS storage domain, launching a service poised to rival established platforms like Pinata and


Astrox envisions becoming a pioneer in the decentralized storage sector, aiming to deliver a solution that is not only cost-effective but also highly reliable and user-friendly, much like platforms such as Pinata and Their aspiration is to empower users by providing an ample amount of free storage, allowing them to experience the unparalleled value and convenience that decentralized storage solutions can offer.

The focus is on creating the simplest experience that enables users to effortlessly store and manage their digital assets and NFTs.


Astrox envisions developing a cohesive and futuristic design, uniquely aligning with a space theme to differentiate itself amid a multitude of similar offerings in the market. The primary objective is to construct a site that is both intuitive and informative, with a design ethos that melds sophistication with user-centric functionality to effectively illustrate their innovative features and value propositions.

Unique Brand Identity

Astrox is committed to forging a distinctive brand identity that reflects its revolutionary ethos. This involves crafting visual and interactive elements that are resonant of a modern space theme, mirroring the pioneering spirit of the project, and conveying its essence to the prospective user base.

Collecting Initial User Interest

Developing a user-friendly interface leading to a ‘coming soon’ page is essential for compiling emails and gauging preliminary user interest. This step is foundational in building a community around Astrox services, allowing for effective communication of updates and launch notifications, and fostering a sense of anticipation and involvement among potential users.

Clear and accessible

Clear, prominent text, and well-structured sections are key to ensuring accessibility and understanding. The goal is to present information in a manner that is easily digestible and straightforward, minimizing barriers to user engagement and facilitating a smooth user journey from the landing page to service utilization.

Proposed Solution

Our aim is to implement advanced design principles to develop a site that is not only user-friendly but also highlights the proposed features and engages users with interactive elements. The proposed site plans to promote the anticipated services and proposes a tool for pinning IPFS files for NFT projects, creating individual NFTs, and facilitating smooth transfers.

Anticipated Results

We anticipate that Astrox’s platform could attract considerable interest and enthusiasm, leading to a promising start with a substantial user base and visitor count eager for our forthcoming services.

Future Developments

Astrox seeks to bring about change in the IPFS storage sector by presenting a viable alternative. Early interactions and user interest could signify Astrox’s potential influence in the decentralized storage field, leading to continuous refinements and introduction of new features in future phases. Astrox plans to start with a basic feature set and gradually enhance functionalities to elevate user experience and overall value.

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