Case Study - Build-A-Celestial

Custom NFT design experience for holders
March, 2021

Celestials, an innovative NFT project, sought to magnify its reach and augment user engagement by offering an exciting and interactive competition utilizing our NFT Builder product.


Celestials aimed for a platform where users could seamlessly employ Celestials NFT artwork and prototype, allowing them to stack various traits to create unique artwork.


We delivered a fully branded and integrated NFT builder platform, where hundreds of users submitted their customized art pieces over a week, generating a considerable buzz on social media platforms like Twitter and lively participation on Discord for voting. Although no unique features were integrated, the standardized features were well-received, providing an active and captivating competition experience for the community.


The initiative was a significant success, evidenced by increased traction and sales over the month following the implementation. The community expressed substantial appreciation, noting the competition as an “active and engaging way to run a competition that really stood out.

Future Developments

Currently, there are no plans for further enhancements or collaborations, but Celestials continues to operate successfully, utilizing the existing integration to maintain a high level of community interaction and engagement. After launching the builder with celestials, we decided to launch it as a standalone product that can be purchased and applied to any NFT collection.

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