Case Study - Space Sneks

Custom NFT design experience for holders
Diamond Hands Hotel
March, 2021

NFT-Inator Integration with Space Sneks – A Symbiosis for Enhanced Community Engagement and Value


Space Sneks, a unique NFT drop of 600 pieces, aimed to offer its holders something more than just ownership of a digital asset. It provided unlimited premium access to our advanced tool, NFT-Inator, and granted entry to an exclusive holder’s platform complete with an NFT gallery, private group chats, audio rooms, and more, fostering a sense of community and adding value to holding the NFTs.


Space Sneks launched its project on Solana, a then underdeveloped blockchain, necessitating innovative solutions to provide seamless access to various features and to integrate NFT-Inator effectively. The project had a compressed execution timeline of a couple of months, following six months of meticulous planning, adding another layer of complexity.


We developed an intuitive system, designed to resonate with the NFT-Inator ecosystem, allowing holders to leverage their NFTs for entry into an enriched platform. The integration not only enhanced the intrinsic value of the NFTs but also served as a unique perk, incentivizing purchases and community engagement.

  • Token-gating: The holders platform, and NFT-inator required NFT holding for access. The user is greeted with a 'Login with..' style button that checked for NFTs in the users wallet before allowing them access.
  • Trait-based access: The collection has a couple of different tiers that provided access for various levels of the platform. This was done by verifying individual traits on the NFTs
  • Community Building: In the leadup to launch we grew a community of over 1,200 members in anticipation of the Sneks release
  • Mint Page & Development: A website was launched to sell the NFTs, and included a minting area for users to purchase Space Sneks

Future Developments

Space Sneks exemplifies the potential of integrating advanced tools like NFT-Inator with NFT projects to elevate user experience and community engagement. It demonstrates the synergy between unique value propositions and community-centered features in promoting project growth and success in the dynamic NFT landscape. As of now, Space Sneks can still be used to access the pro tier of NFT-Inator.

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