Authenticate and Preserve Physical Artwork with NFTs

Art & Collectibles

Utilize NFTs to validate the authenticity and maintain provenance of physical art, providing metadata about its origins and ownership history

  • Link your Physical Art to a version of your Artwork that can't degrade
  • Keep valuable physical artwork safe and enable users to trade the NFT version
  • Collectors register ownership and access additional information about the Artist and artwork

Secure Products & Subscriptions

Improve digital security by removing traditional license keys and eliminating piracy concerns

Seamless & Secure Validation

Empower your services with verifiable and immutable records

Innovate With Digital Uniqueness,

Craft personalized customer narratives with immersive NFT experiences

Case Study


Astrox embarked on a transformative journey to disrupt the IPFS storage domain, launching a service poised to rival established platforms like Pinata and

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    Register a Physical Artwork

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