Elevate Event Experiences with NFT Tickets

Events & Ticketing

Create scannable, redeemable, and collectible NFT tickets, enhancing user interaction and memorability.

  • Give life to boring QR codes by creating an animated or interactive NFT ticket
  • Distribute NFT tickets via email upon registration and ensure smooth access to events.
  • Allow attendees to keep NFT tickets as digital mementos to collect or trade after the event

Connections that Drive Growth

Foster deeper brand connection through shared digital mementos and experiences that get people talking

Experiences Beyond Reality

Create immersive experiences at events, promoting interaction and participation nad giving customers ongoing perks.

Events with an NFT Edge

Increase audience attendance and recognize participation with NFT perks.

Case Study

Tokenized enterprise KYC & AML Platform

Forgeproof's innovative KYC management platform, developed by ProcessLabs leverages blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Lit Protocol to streamline client onboarding for financial institutions. Our team set out to create a modern brand and website that accentuates the game-changing platform.

Discover more NFT blueprints

Inspire and evolve your offerings with some of our most popular solutions. We combine blueprints and custom functionality to deliver fully-integrated solutions that engage your customers.

    Commemorative Ticket Stubs

    NFT ticket stubs that capture and immortalize your event's essence.

    Revolutionize Event Tickets

    Transform your event tickets into multifunctional NFTs

    Immersive Digital Treasure Hunts

    Create engaging digital journeys with branded collectible milestones for unforgettable experiences.

    Proof of Attendance NFTs

    Issue digital tokens as proof of event and share digital mementos during or after it

    Recognize Talent with NFTs

    Immortalize milestones or contributions with personalized NFTs for speakers, artists, or entertainers at your event.