Digital Certifications for Education & Training

Professional & Enterprise

Immutable on-chain evidence of educational accomplishments, shareable across digital platforms.

  • Create an NFT Certificate for your employees achievements
  • Reward employees and add achievements to LinkedIn in 1 click
  • Enable quick, on-chain verification of educational credentials.

Recognise & Elevate Employees

Boost company brand recognition on platforms like LinkedIn

Empower & Upskill Employees

Motivate and enhance employee skills with NFT certificates and programs.

Connections that Drive Growth

Foster deeper brand connection through shared digital mementos and experiences that get people talking

Case Study

NFT Driven Gamification for Music Producers

A-Reality, recognized for its virtual reality education platform catering to upcoming music producers, envisioned a new approach to the learning experience. They sought to harness the distinctive benefits of NFTs in gamification – independent verification, permanence, and the capacity to unveil novel experiences in a secure, decentralized framework.

Discover more NFT blueprints

Inspire and evolve your offerings with some of our most popular solutions. We combine blueprints and custom functionality to deliver fully-integrated solutions that engage your customers.

    Certify Education and Training

    Blockchain-backed credentials with eternal validity.

    Blockchain Backed Document Authentication

    Digitally sign important documents to guarantee authenticity and prevent modification

    IP and Brand Licensing

    License use of your IP or brand assets with NFTs

    LinkedIn NFT Verified Certificates

    Immutable and verifiable digital certifications on LinkedIn.