IP and Brand Licensing

Professional & Enterprise

License use of your IP or brand assets with secure and verifiable NFT contracts that can change ownersh

  • Deploy secure and verifiable smart contracts to license your IP and brand assets with ease.
  • Boost your brand reputation through secure, transferrable blockchain-backed licensing agreements.
  • Guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy with blockchain backed contracts

Recognise & Elevate Employees

Boost company brand recognition on platforms like LinkedIn

Secure Products & Subscriptions

Improve digital security by removing traditional license keys and eliminating piracy concerns

Seamless & Secure Validation

Empower your services with verifiable and immutable records

Case Study

Space Sneks

NFT-Inator Integration with Space Sneks – A Symbiosis for Enhanced Community Engagement and Value

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    Certify Education and Training

    Blockchain-backed credentials with eternal validity.

    Blockchain Backed Document Authentication

    Digitally sign important documents to guarantee authenticity and prevent modification

    IP and Brand Licensing

    License use of your IP or brand assets with NFTs

    LinkedIn NFT Verified Certificates

    Immutable and verifiable digital certifications on LinkedIn.