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Case Studies


dApp Development, UI & UX Design

Simplifying KYC with NFTs

Cogni, a neobank with a crypto wallet, aimed to launch a KYC product leveraging NFTs, enabling account holders to streamline the KYC process when engaging with partnering exchanges.


dApp Development, UI & UX Design

No-Code NFT Creation Platform

NFT-Inator, recognizing the complexities and costs associated with existing NFT creation tools, aspired to democratize the NFT artistry process, ensuring it's accessible to both beginners and experienced artists without coding know-how.


Consulting, UI & UX Design

NFT Driven Gamification for Music Producers

A-Reality, recognized for its virtual reality education platform catering to upcoming music producers, envisioned a new approach to the learning experience. They sought to harness the distinctive benefits of NFTs in gamification – independent verification, permanence, and the capacity to unveil novel experiences in a secure, decentralized framework.


Wordpress, Web Design

3Two Group

3Two, a preeminent Web3 consultancy emphasizing project incubation, acceleration, and development, sought to bolster their brand identity and digital presence to better attract and serve prospective clients.


Branding, Web Development


Celestials, an innovative NFT project, sought to magnify its reach and augment user engagement by offering an exciting and interactive competition utilizing our NFT Builder product.

Diamond Hands Hotel

Artwork, Smart Contract, Unlockable Content

Space Sneks

NFT-Inator Integration with Space Sneks – A Symbiosis for Enhanced Community Engagement and Value

Capricious Bunnies

Artwork, Smart Contract

Capricious Bunnies

Capricious Bunnies was conceived as an innovative project focused on creating a sanctuary within the mental-health centric NFT community.


Web Development, Web Design


Astrox embarked on a transformative journey to disrupt the IPFS storage domain, launching a service poised to rival established platforms like Pinata and


dApp Development, NFT Verification


StockTrades Project: A Paradigm Shift in Stock Trading Platform