Launching a World Class Crypto Alerts Platform


April, 2024


1+ year - Ongoing

ProcessLabs Role

Full Service (Except website)


NFT Artwork Design

Website Development

Holders Platform

Affiliate Platform

Referral Program

Influencer Marketing

Community Management


Meta Signals


Meta Signals, a crypto alerts platforms developed with Eric Krown & K-DUB Crypto Zombie. The platform alerts users to profitable setups, saving time and resources for experienced traders.

Meta Signals, a crypto alerts platforms developed with Eric Krown & K-DUB Crypto Zombie. The platform alerts users to profitable setups, saving time and resources for experienced traders.


Meta Signals is a cutting-edge crypto alerts platform developed in collaboration with prominent crypto analysts Eric Krown and K-DUB Crypto Zombie. Operating 24/7, Meta Signals leverages dozens of proprietary algorithms to scan 120 pairs across 10 time frames, generating real-time alerts on Discord. These alerts highlight high-probability setups and include crucial information such as stop loss and take profit values.

The platform, which launched in November 2023, aims to savefree traders from the tedious task of constantly monitoring charts, instead providing them with timely, actionable insights.

At ProcessLabs, we had the privilege of bringing Meta Signals to life in a full-cycle NFT launch from strategy and artwork, to bespoke development and marketing.

Problems solved by Meta Signals

  • Limited Monitoring Capacity: Traders often struggle to keep track of multiple cryptocurrency charts simultaneously. This limitation results in missed opportunities and suboptimal trading decisions.
  • Identifying High-Probability Setups: Pinpointing high-probability trading setups requires constant vigilance and extensive analysis, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming for traders.
  • Timing Exit Points: Determining the right moment to exit a trade is critical. Many traders face difficulties in setting effective stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) values, leading to potential losses.
  • Continuous Market Surveillance: The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7, demanding around-the-clock attention from traders. This relentless pace can be exhausting and impractical for individual traders to manage.
  • Information Overload: With the vast amount of data and signals available, traders can easily become overwhelmed, struggling to filter out the noise and focus on actionable insights.
Smart Contract

Services Delivered by ProcessLabs

Pre-Mint Services

  • NFT Artwork
  • NFT Smart Contract (Custom Pricing and Soulbound Features)
  • NFT Project Setup, Dashboard and Custom features

NFT Artwork Creation

Creating the NFT artwork for Meta Signals was an intricate process that demanded a diverse skill set encompassing 2D design, 3D modeling, and motion design. Over several months, multiple designers worked to conceptualize and develop four unique cards, including two for specific influencers.

One challenge was incorporating an animated cryptocurrency chart on the front of each card. Rather than using static data or pre-rendered animations, we wanted the ability to manipulate different trade data, animation speeds, and candle designs in real-time, so the artwork truly demonstrated the trading edge of Meta Signals

To achieve this, ProcessLabs developed a custom renderer capable of creating customizable, animated candlestick charts.

The successful implementation of this custom program resulted in an NFT that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring the artwork for Meta Signals stood out when visualized on marketplaces in the competitive NFT market.

NFT Pricing and Soulbound Features

Ensuring that early adopters received a better price was crucial – reflecting their early commitment to a beta product. We also had to make sure the NFT was attainable for regular traders and discourage large-volume purchases for the purpose of speculation on future value . The latter goal is one of the most important with a collection like this. Without the ability to limit resales until the collection is sold out speculation sometimes initially drives down the resale price. Occasionally this can have a detrimental effect, even with a promising project.

By increasing the price by 6% for every 100 pieces sold, and restricting resales until a majority vote by holders, we can solve both these problems.

To enable this, we developed a custom smart contract to automate the price adjustment and enforce the soulbound feature. This contract tracked sales and triggered price increases at the necessary intervals while integrating a system to manage transfer restrictions. Plans for a future voting system to unlock resales of the NFTs were also included.

The smart contract and soulbound system ensured fair pricing and secure transfer restrictions, thus enhancing the NFT’s value proposition and investor confidence. After 1000 sales, the price currently sits at 1.79 ETH and each price change has executed automatically since initiation.

Smart Contract

NFT Setup, Dashboard, and Custom Features

Meta Signals required an admin dashboard that allowed them to monitor and manage all aspects of their mint, while keeping development within a reasonable budget.

To reduce development hours, we customized an instance of the NFT-Inator dashboard to support the bespoke features developed for Meta Signals, including referral scheme, price curve and soulbound controls.This setup automatically included our usual tools for mint monitoring, whitelisting, and command-center-like control over the smart contract, at no additional cost to the project.

The customized NFT-Inator dashboard provided Meta Signals with all the tools to track and manage every aspect of their mint, from mint launch to sell-out and beyond, without breaking the bank.


Mint Services

  • Custom NFT Minting Solution
  • Day of Launch Monitoring and Support
  • NFT Affiliate Scheme
  • Campaign Management
  • Discord Setup & Community Management

Custom NFT Minting Solution

Meta Signals required bespoke features for the NFT minting process to ensure brand representation, high security, and a seamless user experience. Integration with their CMS (Gatsby) for multi-language support and team monitoring was essential. Additionally, customers had to comply with specific terms regarding NFT sales on secondary markets.

To deliver a premium customer experience, we implemented a customized minting solution on the Meta Signals website, connecting it to the NFT-Inator dashboard. This ensured that all buttons and information related to the minting process were seamlessly integrated into the site. Legal terms regarding NFT resale were incorporated, requiring customer acceptance to proceed with minting.

A key addition was a live mint countdown timer, allowing customers to queue and purchase NFTs immediately upon launch. This feature was crucial, as over 200 NFTs were sold in the first 30 minutes, with early investors acting quickly before prices increased with each sale.

Smart Contract

Day of Launch Monitoring and Support

Founders have lost tens of millions of dollars through NFT mints being compromised. Social media account hacks, wallet drains and bad actors are rampant in the industry.

On launch day, our team stood by in the control center providing real-time monitoring and support to address technical issues, phishing attempts and technical support. We established a dedicated support team to oversee the launch day activities, providing prompt assistance to users and resolving any issues quickly.

NFT Affiliate Scheme

With over 2,000 NFTs to sell at an average of 2 ETH each, raising ~$8 million through organic marketing alone was going to be a huge undertaking. Influencers Eric Krown and Crypto Zombie already backed Meta Signals, so it made sense to create a method to promote and increase the brand awareness for the service.

We decided to reward community members for sharing the project and ensure transparency and security by launching a custom affiliate scheme within the NFT-Inator dashboard. This system allowed easy management of affiliates, custom commission rates, and withdrawal processes.

The affiliate platform was highly effective, with affiliates approaching $800k in commissions and being responsible for a large portion of the NFT sales. We effectively streamlined influencer engagement and incentivization.

Smart Contract

Campaign Management

Launching the campaign during a shaky market and the holiday season required fast and effective execution. ProcessLabs created extensive content, managed community engagement through a complex Discord server, and organized Events and marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility.

Despite challenging timing,the initial push landed Meta Signals at 800 sales before pausing temporarily in January. After the pause ended a couple of months later, the mint was re-opened and sales have been steadily climbing, reaching over 1,000 one month later.

Launch Marketing

Launching Meta Signals, especially during a volatile market period around Christmas, required a decisive marketing plan and creative community engagement strategies. Due to investors and influencers being enthusiastic about the services' backtesting results, the decision was made to 'stealth mint' the NFTs two weeks after our team was notified. The main challenge was building trust with various audiences for a product with a relatively high ticket price for the industry.

To create the initial hype at launch, we planned and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy with the primary focus of building awareness for the impressive backtesting results. We provided the full service, from managed influencer campaigns and social media management to organizing community events for market impact.

Key influencers in the crypto space were engaged to invest and promote in Meta Signals, which initially involved a couple months of their own testing to ensure the product's results before promoting to their followers. A key factor in the success of Meta Signals' launch was having a reputable product with proven utility, supported by influencer backed results that justified the price.

The marketing efforts significantly raised brand awareness with influencer campaigns being the main driving force that led to the initial 800 sales. The successful launch of Meta Signals demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategy and the importance of building trust quickly with the target audience, even in a challenging market environment.

Smart Contract

Discord Setup and Community management

To facilitate user access to alerts and a private members' community, we established a highly extensive and secure Discord server. Specific channels were created for users to receive alerts, and we implemented a custom bot to ensure that only Verified NFT holders could access these channels.

To provide round-the-clock support and moderation, we leveraged our network to onboard three experienced moderators who are skilled in trading and based in various countries around the world. This global team ensures continuous oversight and support for the community.

Again, security was the main priority at launch, so we implored our library of trusted 3rd party and custom bots to keep the server secure. Scammers often catfish team profiles and send messages to members in an attempt to compromise them. Without the correct tools, customers can be left extremely unsatisfied as bad actors are constantly trying to attack high profile projects. The efforts were warranted as our bot picked up over 30 accounts impersonating staff members in the first week.

Smart Contract

Post-Mint Services

  • Perk Redemption Platform
  • Backtesting Data Dashboard
  • USD Subscription Tier
  • Ongoing Development and Future Roadmap

Perk Redemption Platform

Purchasing the NFT included the optional redemption of ‘perks’ (free premium tools and services) after the sale. This required a platform to ensure transparency on the perks claimed by each token, as customers may speculate on the resale value for tokens with unclaimed perks. As with each service provided, protecting user privacy and ensuring a secure and flawless redemption process were our main priorities.

Our solution involved building a bespoke platform, integrated directly on the Meta Signals website. It enables NFT holders to log in, verify, check their NFTs for unclaimed perks, and redeem them securely if they choose. The platform maintains a record of perk claims and includes a search feature by token IDs, allowing future potential buyers to check the status.

Results: After launching in February, over 500 users redeemed perks within one month, with the platform praised highly for the smooth experience and ease of redemption.

Backtesting Data Dashboard

After a few months of users receiving alerts but requesting more data on the top-performing strategies, we decided to collate data from Meta Signals’ backtesting to enable more informed trading decisions. We developed a dashboard using Google Looker Studio, allowing users to parse and filter historical data.

The data dashboard provided valuable insights, enhancing users’ trading strategies and overall satisfaction with the platform.

USD Subscription Tier

One challenging aspect of marketing the project was ensuring customers were informed enough to purchase the NFT for 2 ETH.

To make the platform accessible to average traders, we introduced a new subscription tier - priced at $500 per month with a 14-day free trial. The solution was to use the WHOP platform for subsciption management, with WHOP also providing an integrated Discord bot that ensures only purchasers have access to the members-only Discord channels.

This subscription tier enables users to experience the platform before committing to purchasing the lifetime pass.

The subscription tier has just launched, achieving over 200 trial signups during the first week. It's clear that the scheme will increase NFT sales and user engagement in the coming weeks, and we will be monitoring and seeking out improvements in the conversion rate going forward.

Update: Our team is continually testing different trial lengths to establish the optimal duration for upselling the lifetime NFT access. We found that the 14-day trial period is too short for a service like Meta Signals, which produces a competitive edge over a longer time.

Smart Contract

Ongoing Development and Future Roadmap

Delivering alerts through Discord was cumbersome, so ProcessLabs explored developing a Progressive Web App (PWA) for direct alerts, subscription management, and auto-trading features. Future roadmap items include enhanced performance dashboards and automatic trading with dividend payouts.

Ongoing development promises to enhance user experience and platform functionality, positioning Meta Signals for continued growth and success.

Final Statement & Results

At ProcessLabs, we are proud to reflect on our successful collaboration with Meta Signals, an advanced crypto alerts platform. Through this partnership, we were able to transform a visionary concept into a comprehensive, high-performing NFT project, overcoming numerous challenges and delivering substantial value to traders and investors.

NFT Minting Success: Generated $1M in the first month -- Achieved 1,000 sales by May, totaling over $3.5 million in revenue.

Affiliate Platform: Developed a robust affiliate system, generating over $800k in commissions with five active affiliates, significantly boosting sales.

Redemption Platform: Launched a secure and user-friendly platform that facilitated over 500 perk redemptions within the first month, enhancing the NFT value proposition.

Subscription Tiers: Introduced a $500 per month subscription tier, attracting over 400 users to the free trial, which helped increase NFT sales and engagement.

Alert Performance: Meta Signals achieved an impressive 87% win rate for certain trading strategies, leading to high user satisfaction and trust in the platform.

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