Live Music Production Courses with Hannes Bieger


December, 2023


8 weeks

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RPM Creators


RPM specialises in upskilling music producers with live in-person courses with legendary music producers and DJ's. Learn to mix, master and produce with pros.

RPM Creators has developed a learning hub for advanced music professionals. They specialize in upskilling producers with live, in-person courses and state-of-the-art VR experiences featuring legendary music producers and DJs.


RPM Creators is a trailblazer in the world of music production education, offering premium in-person courses and experiences. With a mission to deliver top-tier music production training, RPM Creators needed a robust online presence to manage bookings, showcase courses, and seamlessly integrate multiple instructors.

The platform primarily caters to music instructors, aspiring music producers, and individuals seeking high-quality, in-person music production courses in Spain and Germany.

Hannes Bieger, a renowned music producer and instructor at RPM Creators

Challenges Faced

RPM Creators faced several challenges in their journey to revolutionize music production education:

  1. Website Development: Creating a website capable of handling complex booking systems for various events and venues, while incorporating multiple creators.
  2. Instructor Integration: Supporting a growing number of music instructors, each with their dedicated pages and course offerings.
  3. Calendar Integration: Syncing the event calendar with GoHigherLevel and RPM's backend for seamless analytics, booking synchronization, and effective management.
  4. Tight Deadline: After 2 weeks of planning, we completed the project within a strict 6-week timeframe to align with the product launch.
  5. Quality Assurance: Ensuring the website's quality and functionality matched the high standards set by Hannes Bieger, including the integration of custom video content.
  6. Booking System: Developing a reliable, trustworthy, and prompt booking system to facilitate immediate enrollments.
  7. Multiple Jurisdictions: Ensuring compliance and functionality in multiple jurisdictions, particularly Spain and Germany.

Our Solution

ProcessLabs developed a custom wordpress website for RPM Creators, addressing their unique challenges and requirements:

  • Advanced Booking System: The website features an advanced booking system capable of handling multiple events, venues, and creators, streamlining the enrollment process.
  • GoHigherLevel Integration: The platform integrates with GoHigherLevel for seamless calendar management and analytics, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Custom Video Content: High-quality custom videos created by Hannes Bieger are integrated into the website, enhancing the learning experience and maintaining RPM Creators' exceptional standards.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: The platform's robust infrastructure ensures reliable and immediate booking actions, instilling trust in users.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance: Designed to operate efficiently in Spain and Germany, the platform sets a new standard in music production education while adhering to local regulations.

Services Delivered by ProcessLabs


Brand Identity Development

ProcessLabs collaborated closely with RPM Creators to analyze the music production and in-person course industry, understanding their unique positioning. Working hand-in-hand with an RPM Creators designer, we developed a distinctive logo and refined the brand identity, focusing on creating an industrial, modern look that highlights the premium music experiences RPM Creators provides.

Visual Elements

To effectively bring the RPM Creators brand to life, we assisted in making their presence known to the public. The brand design features a striking black background accented with vibrant orange, capturing the experimental creative essence of music production. This bold color scheme reflects the dynamic and creative spirit of the industry, making a powerful visual impact.

Website Development

Custom Design and Development

ProcessLabs built a fully custom, bespoke website using a custom-developed WordPress theme to showcase RPM Creators' innovative music courses and deliver a seamless user experience. Our team focused on creating a flat design with clean, minimalist aesthetics that highlight the key features and benefits of RPM Creators' offerings while providing smooth, intuitive navigation. The website includes nice animations for text and content to enhance user engagement.

Advanced Booking System and Calendar Integration

A significant challenge was creating an advanced booking system that could handle multiple events, venues, and creators. We integrated the calendar with the GoHigherLevel platform to provide seamless syncing and analytics. Additionally, we set up Stripe payment systems for various courses and programs, linking all these elements to both HigherLevel and WordPress.

3D VR Experience Studio

The website also promotes RPM Creators' bespoke 3D VR experience studio, where music producers can start practicing in a virtual studio alongside professionals. While we did not develop the VR experience, we ensured the website effectively communicated this unique offering regardless of their intention to go on a course - the VR studio is a separate subscription.

High-Quality Content Integration

To maintain the high standards set by Hannes Bieger, we integrated custom video content created by Hannes into the website. This content not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that the quality of the website matches RPM Creators' existing services.


While the majority of specific sales details are withheld due to client request, RPM Creators has achieved remarkable success since the launch of their new platform:

  1. Successful Course Launches and Sales: Hannes Bieger's first physical course hit the market with great success, making a consistent number of sales over $5,000 each.
  2. High Volume of Bookings: RPM Creators received a high rate of bookings for mini experiences and courses throughout their network, with the website facilitating event bookings across the world.
  3. Expansion of Offerings: Insound Academy launched on RPM Creators, offering specialized courses in Barcelona. This expansion broadens the reach and variety of educational experiences available on the platform.
  4. Successful Marketing Campaigns: Recent paid marketing campaigns have proven highly effective, resulting in multiple courses selling out across various creators.

RPM Creators' new platform, developed by ProcessLabs, has revolutionized music production education, providing a seamless, high-quality experience for instructors and aspiring producers alike.

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