Smart Contracts

Propel your business into the future with our end-to-end smart contract development services, offering automation, streamlined workflows, and reduced operational costs tailored to your unique needs.

Smart Contracts

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Contract Security
With 12,000+ contracts launched and zero vulnerabilities, we ensure the highest level of security through thorough testing, audits, and testnet deployments.


Ethereum & EVM Specialists
We specialise in producing contracts for all EVM-compatible chains, we understand the differences between each chain and can help you decide on the right one.


We optimize your smart contracts to ensure efficient gas usage, improving the user experience and making your dApp more accessible to a wider audience.


We can seamlessly integrate smart contracts into your project, enhancing your business and consumer-facing services with our tailored solutions.


Our efficient prototyping process brings your ideas to life faster, refining concepts on testnets before scaling to the main network.


We integrate your smart contracts with frontend and backend systems, develop user-friendly interfaces, and ensure compatibility with popular token standards.

Why ProcessLabs?

Launch Custom Contracts. Fast

Integrate with our NFT dashboard and launchpad, where we can build custom features in your smart contract without breaking the bank. Our existing platform enables you to launch quickly, using our services to add more to your contract. We can add any features and functionality, or create completely custom contracts.

Launch Custom Contracts. Fast
Proven Security and Reliability

Proven Security and Reliability

Our contracts have been launched by over 12,000 projects and are secure, and had 0 issues so far. We're experienced across a variety of blockchains, mainly focusing on Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM chains. Our experts can help you understand and decide the differences

Revenue generated

$14+ million

Contracts deployed


Supported chains


Case Study

Launching a World Class Crypto Alerts Platform

Meta Signals, a crypto alerts platforms developed with Eric Krown & K-DUB Crypto Zombie. The platform alerts users to profitable setups, saving time and resources for experienced traders.

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